SLR Pro Picture Booth

All the features that you need as a professional.
Adding your personal requests, providing 24 hours online support, and offering free updates, since 2011.

Compatible with any Mac and Canon DSLR cameras (Nikon only on Mac OS 10.11 and older)

Download the full working demo and take your first pictures in 5 click :
SLR Pro Picture Booth 2.7 (87MB - Sep-06-2018)

Always feel free to contact me :

Send an email !

Buy the full version with Paypal for 299$, or on the App Store :

The Software.

Set-up your event the way you want it in the Preference window;
Control the session from the Picture Booth window or the Video Booth one.

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Main windows for you to choose to display on your main or external screens :

- Guest Live View showing the webcam or live view and countdown videos and instructions;
- Simple Live View for you or/and for a screen outside of your booth;
- Previous Strip to show the last 4 photo strips taken;
- Single Shot to show the last photo taken when shooting in single mode.

Download the free SLR Pro Remote App and hit "Start" from anywhere !
(does not need internet connexion)