5 ***** LOVE THIS APP! Worth every penny! Prompt and personable tech support. Very smart app with highly desirable user friendly features! Your guest will be thoroughly amazed!


I've never received personalized, one on one service for software. It's been incredible to have a response within an hour to my troubleshooting. Not being technologically inclined, Raphael has assisted me step by step from the otherwise of the world. Cheaper versions may save you money but there's no substitute for service and genuine customer care. A+, 5 stars, 10/10. The Software is brilliant, as you would expect for Mac Software, its elegantly designed.


This software was a great purchase! As a wedding entertainment company, a photo booth was a natural service to start offering. The software developer Raphael has gone above and beyond to be readily available for questions, and has provided personalized customizations to make the software exactly how I would want it. Five stars all the way! I would highly recommend this software to any professional photo booth company. It is solid, intuitive, easy to use, and the developer is truly great at providing support!


I love my software and would recommend it in a heart beat to anyone with a photo booth. Customer service is superb and they go above and beyond to make things right. The software is simple to use and my customers love it!!


I love the software ! We are school photographers and we didn't make a "booth" but we use the software out in the open with a large background so we can also do large group pictures. We use the software at high school events and dances.


It is a great app, the best thing is that is beeing updated constantly and if you got any trouble, you recive excellent and fast responce from the owner, now with the touch function its excellent for me, worth every dolar. Thanx Raphael !!!!


Way Great!!! I went with this software over some of the others around for a few reasons. First off it works on mac which works well with our existing systems. Second it works smooth and great, many of the other systems require additional programing and lots of setup, just like most mac software this is simple click and run and you are off to the races. Finally compared to most software sold and forgotten the after purchase support has been great. I have had some bugs in our system fixed, and even was able to get some custom features added for our system which no other software was willing to do.

Lite Version :

Michelle Rossi, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Raphael, Your software is wonderful and works perfectly but your customer service was even better! You were so helpful and patient and got me up and running quickly. You were extremely responsive to all of my questions and requests. I know my daughter is going to have a great time at her party with the photo booth! Thank you so much!

Jade Gomez

We wanted to have a photobooth for my birthday but since photobooth rentals are so overrated we decided to do it ourselves,as browsing through the web, we found raphael's app and decided to give it a try after a million and one demos that he willingly gave us,(and mind you he was very attentive and helpful all through out that demo) we finally got convinced and bought it.. we love it without any regrets! he was very helpful ultimately one of the best costumer service we ever had and we would highly recommend him! raphael you are simply the best! Thankyou! :)

App Store reviews :
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Pro version


★★★★★ by goferteeth - Version 2.1 - Feb 19, 2014
Unmatched support! Great app written by caring developer
I actually had a couple hiccups at the start but I was “babied” by the developer till my complete satisfaction. It’s a really cool app. You can take your Mac & printer to an event and get paid for basically doing nothing. Once you set the app up the way you like it, you just make sure you have enough paper and ink in your printer and watch the guests have fun. Or you can forget about a printer and either print the pictures later, or just share them online. I was quite worried spending so much money on an app from a developer I never heard off at first. But now I know it was a good investment. I would recommend this app to anyone planning a cool birthday party or thinking about providing a photo booth at an event …or just to have fun with it at home with friends.

★★★★★ by App Guru 4 Kids - Version 1.7 - May 31, 2012
What is the support email address?

★★★★★ by Owner Downard Photography - Version 1.6 - Mar 7, 2012
I have been trying to buid my own photo booth and trying to find the software that is easy to work with. I came across SLR Pro Picture Booth and felt that it was the easiest to use. While trying to get it up and running I was haveing some problems. (only on my end because I'm not that savy) I sent an email to customer support and come to find out the software designer was in Europe on vacation. Raphael Lazareth took time from his vacation in Europe and helped me get up and running. A lot of time. He was very helpful and I could not believe that he spent so much time with me trouble shooting this. In the end it was stupidity on my part and he helped me figure it out. Awesome customer support. We could not talk on the phone since he was out of the country. Through email he got me up and running. Thank you Raphael!!! I am ready to go. Awesome support!!!


★★★★ by Acapu-04 - Version 1.6 - Feb 6, 2012
The program is great, i have tested on my Macbook Air with a Logithech C270 webcam and it works fine, the problem is that the webcam is too slow. I have tried with the Logitech C910 webcam and it seems that the program doesnt support the super high definition of the webcam and it becomes too slow in the frames. I also tried with the SLR Sony Alpha 330 and it doesn´t work, it would be awesome if you could make an update with Sony Alpha cameras because they have live view mode. Thank you!


★★★★★ by ALINQ4U - Version 2.0 - Sep 26, 2013
Really liking how this software works, simple to use, easy to customise, loads of great features and best of all, great tech support if required. I'm confident using this soft out in the field, it delivers pics very quickly, works well with an SLR, with printers and with the iPad remote app. All in all, a great piece of soft, i've tried and tested, i defintely rate this highly.

Lite Version


★★★★ This app is great! by Md432 - Version 1.7 - Jun 5, 2013
Being a very new photographer I initially had trouble getting this App figured out but I blamed the App instead which was unfair. I have gotten very attentive tech support from Raphael which has been helpful and has solved my initial complaint. The bottom line is the App was what I needed It just took my more than 5 minutes to get it figured out and I got impatient. This app is worth the price!

★★★ Works great/ sort of by : not overly happy much - Version 1.7 - Nov 23, 2012
This program does everything it says it does. Easy to set up and use. Easy to personalize with own logo and other features. Problem I had was it kept crashing. Over and over. I used my canon 40d then 7d and it just continued to crash. I would be able to get about 2 or 3 4 shot strips done then it would crash. Very embrassing to say the least… I do hope they get it fixed.

★★★★★ Easy to use, high quality App, with top notch customer service. by Rosanio Photography - Version 1.7 - Aug 19, 2012
I am a wedding photographer who recently branched into the ever popular world of photo booths. Having never done anything like this before, I was going into this blind…plus it doesn't help that I'm not quite as "techy" as I'd like to be. Luckily, SLR Picture Booth is VERY easy to use and user friendly. With SLR Picture Booth, anyone can go from a photo booth beginner to expert. As I mentioned, I'm not as technologically literate as I'd like to be, so I did have some questions that designer Raphael Lazereth was more than happy to answer for me. Raphael went above and beyond with his customer service, and he was always very quick to respond to my emails. If you are looking for a user friendly, high quality product that also comes with extremely reliable customer service, I strongly recommend SLR Picturebooth Lite, or Pro. I may be upgrading to the Pro version sooner rather than later.


★★★★★ by Jon Pilling - Version 1.7 - Jul 14, 2013
This software is a little pricey… and is lacks finesse.. but it performed brilliantly at our charity ball last night. We hooked it up to a Canon DSLR and there was zero set up time, it worked straight away. It would be great if it was easier to change the layout of the pics (ie 2x2 instead of 4x1) and also if you could auto email the pics.. but that aside.. its great software.


★ by stephanrothstein - Version 1.7 - Jun 26, 2013
es pesimo, se bloquea, no imprime….totalmente inestable.
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