September 6th 2018

macOS 10.14 Mojave is about to be released for every one, both Apps have been tested with the pre-release and are already compatible.
If you see an unusual "Demo" logo on your full version, please download the newest version updated today, thanks to your usual download link.

April 11th 2018

Canon released new drivers for their newest cameras! So both my Apps are updated today on this website, and "in review" for the App Store version.
(No need to format your memory card on macOS 10.13 anymore)
As well you can now download some background and foreground templates from your download area.

March 17th, 2017 :

I just found out that my 2 "competitors" were no longer on the market this year.
If you need any feature that I don't advertise, just let me know I can probably add it.
My software is my passion before my business, so I will always update it and make it compatible with new OSs and hardware.

July 25th, 2016 :

Couldn't wait this fall to update to Apple's future macOS Sierra, iOS 10, Watch OS 3 ?
SLR Pro, SLR Lite, and SLR Remote are ready too !
(for the Mac softwares, please ask me for a quick link)

August 4th, 2015 :

Apple Watch App available on the App Store ! (free and compatible with your current software)
SLR Pro demo and SLR Lite demo updated on this website.
September 9th, 2014 :

Apple Watch has finally been anounced today! Very exciting news, obviously you can count on me to let
you start your photo booth session from your future Watch as soon as it exists!

March 21st, 2014 :

SLR Picture Booth Lite 2.0 available on the App Store today (free update as usual)
Do your own layout ! Connect the new Remote App ! So you can browse your photos on your iPhone and share on Facebook.
In a new design nice and simple, and now available in French (Spanish to follow)

December 18th, 2013 :

SLR Pro Remote 2.0 now available on the App Store, for iPad (iPhone / iPod version coming right after) ;
SLR Pro Picture Booth 2.1 available on the App Store too, needed to be compatible with the new Remote.
(as usual, don't update right before your next event, in case anything changed with your favorite features)

November 22th, 2013 :

Proud to finally announce SLR PRO Remote 2.0 ! The best improvement since the first launch of the Mac software.
A complete App that will let you control your photo booth from your iPad, and your guests share their pictures by themsleves.
Check out the new section of this website and watch the video !
Several of you are using it already and seem very happy about it, and I'm adding the Live View in Beta today, so your booths will be ligther very soon...
Still a bit of work to do, but most functions are nice and solids already.
Send an email !

April 18th, 2013 :

Dreaming about a fully loaded Remote App ? All options, social networks, Live View, etc... ? I'm building it right now, send me all your wishes if you would like to see them on your iOS device very soon ! Simply send me the device(s) you have (iPhone, iPod, iPad) so I can try to make it compatible for everyone.

March 29th, 2013 :

Updating the Demo versions :
you now have the one available on the App Store, and the Beta version with the futures functions. This one includes Facebook, I will be happy to send you a few lines about it if you are interested, main thing to know is do not upload too many times the same image to the same account or Facebook will get blocked for spam reasons.

January 24th, 2013 :
First, thank you all! Working with you to start your businesses or set up your events has been a dream job in 2012. My software will remain my only activity in 2013 so I will stay available all the time for you!
A few updates :
- The Video Booth is now fully compatible with Mountain Lion (thank you Canon!) so it will finally be available on the Mac App Store too.
- I won't release a new version with those features yet, but if you want to play with my green screen feature (Canon), just send me an email. Same for the full Facebook integration available right after.
- Next ? The last version includes almost all the requests you sent me. Let me know what you would like next !
- Lite version : the most common request is one of the features needed to print on 4x6 printer (HiTi, DNP...), if you need it just ask me, I will add it.
- I had a review saying the App was crashing on every session, obviously that's not the way it's supposed to work, or it wouldn't even be on the App Store. Just know that I can always find the problem, even if it comes from something outside my software. If you are having any problem, just send me an email!

September 9th, 2012 :
Uploading Version 2.0 BETA : Video + Flip Book ! And this brand new website.
Major update, many new features, compatible with the latest Canon cameras. Version beta until I get more feedback from you, and that it gets reviewed by Apple's team. Final release should be out in a few weeks (update is free of charge).

August 21, 2012 :
Version 2.0 coming with great new features, but some Canon cameras will not be compatible with Mountain Lion yet, hold on with the update…

June 11, 2012 :
Traduction Française casi finie... if you were interested in a translation of the soft in your language, send me an email to help me decide where to start !

May 18, 2012 :
Lite version and Pro version 1.7 available on the App Store

May 4, 2012 :
Lite version ready for sale ! Pro version 1.7 too !
Both waiting for review on the Mac App Store and available there also very soon (version 1.6 available, update will be free)

April 17, 2012 :
Version 1.7 being tested right now, uploading the demo soon ! (update is free of charge as usual)
Includes new layouts (postcard 4x6, single shot, etc) add a background, a transparent foreground, rotate, compatibility with different remotes, a button for your touch screen, email function etc...

By the way, yes the Remote App is compatible with the new iPad III, and with the last iOS 5.1, and yes the Mac soft is already compatible with the next Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

February 23, 2012 :
Want to buy the soft for only 99 $ ?
I'm getting more and more requests from people organizing their own wedding, and photographers who need only a few features. I'm tying to find a way to do a "lite" version, if you're interested send me an email !

January 21, 2012 :
SLR Pro Picture Booth 1.6 just went live on the Mac App Store !

January 19, 2012 :
iOS app available on the App Store. It's free, it's compatible with almost any iPhone / iPad / iPod, it's very easy to use, and it works with the demo version. Look for "SLR Pro Remote".

January 16, 2012 :
Live View now available on Canon cameras !
You can still use your webcam, or a combination of both.
+ different improvements to make your life easier, a faster connexion with the Remote iOS App, a whole new design, and even a real icon.

December 22, 2011 :
As promised, the first features that you asked me :
- compatibility with more Canon cameras and with Nikon cameras;
- a way to control the soft remotely : an iPhone app. It will work on your brand new Apple iPad 2, as well as on your older Apple iPod Touch;
- even more plug and play : your SLR Camera connects automatically, and your iOS device connects as soon as you launch the Remote App.