Click "Send MAC Address" in the "Demo" menu of the demo version. You can also find it manually in "About This Mac" : "System Report", Network / Ethernet / MAC Address.

Need any kind of help? send me an email!

macOS 10.14 Mojave: if you see an unusual "Demo" logo, make sure you downloaded the newest version of the App.
On macOS 10.12 and older: you need to format your memory card before you connect your camera.
Nikon is still compatible only up to Mac OS 10.11 for now.


1 - Choose where to install the Sample folder;
2 - Connect your SLR Camera;
3 - Hit "Start";

Don't have your SLR with you? Check the option "Take photos through the Webcam" to give it a try!


D-SLR: for your first try, format your memory card, avoid shooting in raw, and set your lense to manual focus. Set the Auto-Sleep to "Never".
iPhone/iPod/iPad: in your settings, set the Auto-Lock to "Never", turn the Guided Access "On" (in Accessibility) if you want to keep your guests in the App.

Reset: if you want to reset the software to manufacture settings, simply hold the Option-key while launching the software (it is useless to delete the software and download it again)

What are the main differences between the Lite and the Pro version?

The Pro version has been created for and with professional photographers. If you are running a business you will enjoy each of the features, and I'm always happy to make some changes when you need. It comes with frequent updates, free of charge. Professionals can count on my support by email when they need.

The Lite version has been designed for people who want to do their own event. It has the same exact "engine" and will use the same D-SLRs and full resolution pictures, but comes with the most popular options only, so you can set it up simply and quickly.

You can use the Lite version for your business if it suits your need.

Where is the notice?

Everything is designed to be intuitive like all Mac Apps. Dragging your cursor over each function will show you the help bubbles with everything you need. As long as you don't see an answer to your question here it means it's not a frequent one, and that I will be happy to answer it personally by email.

What is the difference if I buy on the App Store or via PayPal?

Only the App Store is instant download. If you buy through PayPal, you will need to send me the MAC Address of your computer(s), and I will send you the download link within 24 hours (most of the time this will be within 1 hour).
With PayPal you will receive the updates by email, on the App Store you will update through the App Store (can take a few more weeks)
The software will be the same in both cases, and if you need a personalisation I will always need your MAC Address to send you the software directly. The price is lower on PayPal in part because it will give me your email address so I have a chance to be in touch with my customers and know what they need.